"Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one."
~ Terry Pratchett

MLS graduate with an interest in stories: stories in books, stories in movies, stories in comics, stories on stage, stories on the internet, happy stories, sad stories, funny stories, fantasy stories, post-apocalyptic stories, mythological stories, my stories, your stories, histories, Terry Pratchett's stories, Hiromu Arakawa's stories, Young Adult stories, animated stories, live action stories, based-on-a-true-story stories, completely made up stories, STORIES.

  • gamer dweebs: if you don't like the game, why don't you just make your own version? That way I can ignore it, downvote it, talk shit about it, roll my eyes when people talk about it, refuse to play it, badmouth the person who made it, steal it, play five minutes of it, write a passive aggressive jemble review about it, then pretend it was some infallibly neutral and objective invisible hand of the market that caused it to fail, then use it as an example of what happens when people don't do what I want